We believe passionately in shared community resources, increased self-sufficiency and advocating for a healthier and greener world.

Our story: The Village Green Foundation (VGF) consist ofGardens at the Village Green and the MoBo Bicycle Cooperative.  These programs share an address that is rich with history.  The buildings were built in the 1880’s and the property is close to the historic Northside greenhouse district.  Lifelong resident Maureen Wood purchased the property in 2003 and gifted the site to the VGF.

VGF has offered community garden space for individuals and families since its inception along with innovative classes such as nature-related art, composting, container gardening and children’s gardening. Presently a food forest is being developed and the plants sold in the annual plant/bike sale are grown in the VGF greenhouse. A campaign to fully restore the greenhouse is currently underway.

With urban gardening firmly established, 2007 became a year of change for the foundation. After the death of Northside cycling enthusiast Justin Morioka, his friends looked to the VGF for help establishing a bicycle cooperative in his honor. With the support of Maureen Wood and Justin’s friends, Justin’s dream became reality. A small garage on the property became a space where anyone could learn to repair and rebuild bikes. By 2010,MoBo outgrew this space and is now housed within the main building adjacent to the greenhouse.

VGF lost its dear friend and founder Maureen Wood May 26, 2017 in a tragic accident. We dedicate this page to her and Justin Morioka. Village Green is a living, breathing testimony to their dreams, passion and dedication to the neighborhood they loved, Northside.