Board Overview

Board Member Overview

Organizational Summary


The Village Green Foundation exists to build an environmentally sound and socially just community. Through education and resource sharing it seeks to empower individuals to live more independently and sustainably and to work to make it easier for others to do the same.


Gardens at the Village Green provide resources for people to grow their own food by leasing individual garden plots, organizing educational workshops, and maintaining its grounds and greenhouse as community resources for food production and learning.

MoBo Bicycle Cooperative breaks down barriers to cycling by finding new homes for used bikes and by teaching adults and youths DIY bike repair. Members have access to use of shop tools, guidance from experienced volunteers, and can adopt used parts and bikes for pay-what-you-can pricing or volunteer labor.

Board Member Expectations

Safer Space

  • The Village Green Safer Space policy acknowledges that no single place can be perfectly safe for all people, but that it is each and every person’s responsibility to strive for that nevertheless. Board Members are required to uphold the Safer Space policy in their own actions and to hold other community members accountable for theirs.

Legal and Fiscal Responsibility

  • As a 501c3 non-profit, the Village Green Foundation has legal and financial obligations. It is the Board’s responsibility to see that these are met.

Leadership Through Action

  • The Village Green Board is a working board, and its members are meant to lead by example. All members are expected to be a key volunteer for at least one program session per month. Examples include MoBo Open Shop, Garden Volunteer days, and outreach events.

Attend Board Meetings

  • Regular attendance at monthly board meetings is critical to providing informed and responsible guidance for the organization. We ask members to attend all meetings (and understand that life keeps this from being 100% possible)

Committee Leadership

  • Board members lead best when engaging the volunteer base. We ask each member to lead a committee to support the organization’s mission. Examples are Volunteer, Finance, Communications, Garden, and Shop committees.

Financial Support

  • All Board members are expected to demonstrate their commitment to the organization by making a monetary gift of any amount.

Length of Term

  • In order to provide stable and continuous leadership, we ask members to commit to a two year term of service.


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